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    Hi seeking to meet with an escort 30+ in the Dublin area. Would be first time so obviously a bit nervous also weary of trafficking or girls who are forced into the business so thought I'd take to the forums first, any advice would be welcome thanks in advance

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    Hi Ant. Your post is similar to many who are new to the subject and regarding the trafficking issue, I'm glad you used the term ''forced into the business.''

    Trafficking as defined by NGOs such as Turn Off The Red Light (and often indulged by the local media) has a very different definition. To them, virtually any sex worker moving from one location to another is 'trafficked', whereas the vast majority are simply economic migrants. In the eyes of the law, there has to be coercion involved and this is why the figures for actual proven trafficking are much lower than those claimed by certain organisations who have a vested interest.

    I would encourage you to look at the figures. For instance, in 2014, there wasn't a single case of sex trafficking in the North for prostitution, although there were 45 cases of human trafficking in other areas such as forced labouring. I don't have the figures for the south, but it would seem unlikely that there is a huge difference.

    What I'm saying is that although forced sex trafficking certainly does exist, it represents a small minority in Ireland.

    From your own viewpoint, first of all you're looking to visit a lady of 30+, which I would suggest already reduces the chances of meeting a coercively trafficked person considerably. I would recommend visiting an established escort, one with plenty of positive reviews and during your initial phone coversation, mentioning that you're new and a bit nervous. Most escorts will make allowances for this when you arrive.

    One thing you will almost certainly find is that visiting an escort is nothing like as daunting or worrying as you might have imagined. We were all first-timers once. All the best for your first experience. Feel free to PM me if you like.
    2014 in Northern Ireland:

    Number of reported attacks on sex workers 70

    Number of sex trafficking cases ZERO

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply David, appreciate it.

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