Few weeks ago a Thai Escort was up my way and thought wow can't miss this opportunity as always wanted to ride an Asian lady so got on the blower and called her,she said she was Thai, great!! she was nice, good English, sexy voice, good reviews so checked my diary and booked a date, couldn't wait, I was on cloud 9, shaved, showered, brushed teeth, best suit and shoes, medallion the lot, took me nearly 1hr 25m to get there by bus but was so excited too that she answered her phone and told me what room number she was in, had a nice box of chocolates for her, milk tray, she opened the door and I asked I'm here to meet _ _ _ _ PLEASE!
She said I am her but this girl was not Thai but I think South American, My heart was shattered but she smiled at me and beckoned me in but not 4 me.. Why, why why.. I left, chocolates and all, I love Asians and felt browned off going back down the road.