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Thread: the statement of the century.

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    Lightbulb the statement of the century.

    I saw a headline the other day. Here it is and what a genius this journo has to be and the folks who carried out the study? Well lets just say the world is going to be sorted big time.

    Study shows that sleep deprivation in a baby affect the health of the mother.

    WOW. Say it isnt so. It wouldnt have anything to do with the fact that if the child gets no sleep then the mother gets f'all sleep too? Nope?


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    Cool Study

    People think scientists or academics choose subjects to study to enlighten mankind.
    Studies cost MONEY. Industry has MONEY and they want more and protect what they have.

    Many studies into Cannabis for example, are funded by the drinks industry or the pharmaceutical
    industry because the status of this natural intoxicant/medicine can/will affect their balance sheets.

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