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    I recently had a review approved (I know it's easy to find out which review, but no reason to state the girl's name), although it had been quite heavily shortened and edited.

    I'm not attacking the site for editing the review, and I thank them for allowing my review. However, I am wondering why my review was edited so heavily.

    If I had included explicit details of the event I'd understand, but I don't believe I did. A portion that was removed, which was probably one of my biggest grievances about the meeting, was how right during sex the girl asked for more money to do what I asked. I'm not sure how that can be described in a review without providing some detail. Or maybe this is just such a common thing in escorting that I am wrong to see this is a negative?

    What I find with the review system is that I risk my review being rejected if it is more than a few lines long and goes into detail. Had I just said "Terrible meet. Really rushed. Avoid this girl", I feel it would have been approved unedited. Yet since I went into detail it was edited, and I image may have been close to not being approved at all.

    It's not the first time my review has been rejected, again for no other reason that I can think of other than the length and detail. Again, I stress not sexual detail.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, at the end of the day the main message of the review was approved, so I thank you for that.

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    You kept referring to cumming, which is deemed as sexually explicit. I edited it accordingly, along with the usual 'avoid' and 'worst experience ever' type comments, as people will get the gist.
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