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Thread: Its ok to have many girlfriends who knew :)

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    Default Its ok to have many girlfriends who knew :)

    so this guy says its ok to have sex with lots of women the women don't mind at all

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    I can see the angle he's comin at it from, but the thing is just like he says back in the day when it was fight to stop being eaten in africa he then thinks that the girls will be back in the cave or on the plains having lesbian sex and magically avoiding being eaten by the things which are out to eat him while he hunts (Im guesing cause they have magic invisibility cloaks that time travelers gave them from the future?), few holes in his reasoning there
    and is that the guy who ireland banned from coming here or uk and is that the video that caused it?
    "twoe feeh n da reh dir skoo skir suga kain bac laihn"
    "lih da hoe gaim twi gotta git ih howe a liive ah bin wirk wirk wirk wirkin o mai sheeet"

    "Va lee gils gevin bloojabs fo Lebuten, wha cha caw daa?...Hay dova Heez?"

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