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    Article is a few days old, sorry, been busy

    Sweden Prostitution Laws: Success Overstated As Sex Industry Shifts From The Streets To The Internet

    As more countries look to adopt Sweden’s model of reducing prostitution, experts warn that the Scandinavian country’s success in curbing the industry may be overstated, according to a report by the Washington Times. One major problem is that the government has narrowly focused its prostitution figures on streetwalkers, despite the fact that many sex workers have turned to the Internet to ply their trade. This oversight reflects a broader struggle among governments as they attempt to address a rapidly changing sex industry that has increasingly moved online.

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    I can't say I am surprised with the report, equally I am not surprised by the government trying to conceal its failure.
    Politicians admitting they lied or made a mistake is simply not in their curriculum.
    Democracy is such a wonderful thing!.

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    Given that Frances Fitzgerald was apparently unaware that Westminster had rejected criminalisation and had to be informed by a group of sex workers, we probably can't expect much. Actual facts aren't really her thing.
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    2014 in Northern Ireland:

    Number of reported attacks on sex workers 70

    Number of sex trafficking cases ZERO

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    It is farcical to think that our politicians are getting involved with this telling us what we can and can't do!!!!

    Don't these guys get it at all???

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