First off, hope everyone has at the very least a very good Xmas and hopefully those who plan to work are safe over the holiday period..

I joined up here a few years back now under different profile name just out of curiosity to see what life was like outside my standard 9-5 stressful lifestyle. Since then i have tried a hell lot of things that i thought i wouldn't have and ticked plenty of fantasies off the list including blondes, redheads etc..

Different nationalities British, American, Australian, Eastern European etc..
Positions i have never even considered googling never mind doing as well as different massages nuru, body2body and prostate etc..
Recently i tried my hand at domination too so that's off the list...

So as far as i can see my list is nearly all ticked apart from duo which i haven't attempted as of yet.
Anyone got a suggestion of what i should try before i retire or what is on your EI fucket list for 2015?

Happy Crimbo...