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    with the strenght of the euro against the sterling it now makes more sence to pay escorts in the south in sterling...100 sterling in the north for 30 mins and 150 euro in the south for 30 mins....with my HARVARD EDUACATION...I RECKON YOUD SAVE 35 EURO WITH EVERY 30 MIN APPT...Lads we are being ripped off...wake up and smell the coffee

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    Good advice bombastic. Put on a Nornireland accent and tell the wee lady in question that you're a businessman from the wee north and that as a loyal subject of her britannic majesty Queen Elizabeth II, you only carry banknotes with the Queens' image on them. So she can either take the Queens' pounds or lump it.

    Be patriotic and shop around. One of our own government ministers gave out this advice recently. If the punter cant go to Newry, bring Newry to the punter.

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