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    The third reading debate was earlier today. This is really a formality, all has been agreed beforehand, nothing gets changed.

    Members of the Assembly treated it as an exercise in the most egregious back slapping and brown nosing. Lord Morrow confirmed, as if we didn't know, that he is a "Christian". If that's what a "Christian" is, just exclude me.

    There were several libellous remarks about Laura Lee, Ugly Mugs IE and others, things that the members would be far too pusillanimous to repeat beyond the privilege of the Chamber.

    The Bill will become an Act in June next year.

    Were any of us to come across someone we thought had been trafficked, would we report it? Would we be prosecuted under the Act, rather than being thanked for bringing trafficking to light?

    To emphasise: I don't doubt that there are women who are trafficked in the sense of being coerced into escorting, and no one could in any way support this. But I can't see how this Act will enable punters to report trafficking; surely, it's simply about people who don't agree with sex.

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