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    Hi guys. Looking for my first meet with an escort today. I've been looking at some myself but I'm indecided who I'd like to meet. I want to make sure I visit the right girl, one that is ok dealing with newbies lol. I'm happy to here any suggestions people may have.

    Also I want a girl who doesn't finish the booking after you've came just once. This is why I'm a bit nervous as well, I don't want to be taking advantage of in that way.

    I'd be very interested in arranging something today or within the next 3 days. If there's any girls who's like to pm me please do so, and as I said any suggestions are welcome.


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    I'm a newbie myself and in the same boat fella.. Think I'm gona wait until Sarah is back to belfast, she's got so many good reviews.. Looks gorgeous too!

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