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    Default Fed up with this site

    Anybody else getting fed up with this site?
    I've had reviews on escorts entered not showing up. I'm assuming that this is because it is a negative one. I've gone to girls that are well established on this site with many positive (in some cases only positive) and they've been shocking services and in some case look nothing like their pictures. I've been so p'd off that when I get home the girls had turned off reviews and when they eventually turn them back on and I leave a true review of what happened it isn't posted. It ruins the belief in the review system.
    I've been told I'm masking my IP address somehow and that's why my latest reviews aren't posted. I've never changed any settings on Google Chrome app so this shouldn't be the case as it only seems to be this site that has an issue.
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    We discussed this via PM. Thought you were resubmitting it?
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