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Thread: The minister says no!!

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    Default The minister says no!!

    I was really taken back by Caitriona's post

    I was taken by unawares as I just didn't realise things were at an advanced stage and the Minister very clearly appears to have made a decision or her uncivil servants have and this looks very definite and like it's going down on a one way street!

    This is absolutely dire

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    This putative law(i.e. to criminalise the buyers of sex)is building up a big head of steam.Sweden,Norway and Iceland have such a law already(Sweden since '98/'99 and the Swedes have recently doubled the sentence to1 year in lieu of a fine).Finland and Denmark have slightly less vigorous versions of this law-hence the terms Swedish or Nordic model.France has or is considering such a law and our progressive buddies up in "Norn Ireland" have recently passed a similar bill.Canada is also looking at this.With our political class's predilection for quoting /copying other juristictions they are spoiled for choice here.This law wold pass easily with no dissenting political voices just like the smoking ban-smoking bad,sex work bad.Any member of the public or those directly affected will have voices that will not be listened to-as happened in both Swedn and France.
    In short soon if you want a smoke or to meet an escort you will have to download a Ryanair ticket and fly to somewhere more convivial!
    And if you're having "impure thoughts" the "thought police" will come for you a la 1984.

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