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    I posted a review a while back. I am afraid it was a negative one which I thought about before posting. It was undoubtedly the worst experience I have had via Escorts Ireland. The lady could speak no English apart from some gibberish that presumably was supposed to be sexy but as she didn't know what she meant, had no value.
    The fault was mine. I took a chance and was mistaken.
    However my review never appeared and within a few days the lady had opted out of the review system.
    I would advise that, for escorts to appear on this site, they should not be allowed to opt out of reviews.
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    It's up to escorts if they want reviews or not, for a short while I opted out of reviews, so it's a choice escorts have & I know it might seem unfair but ei are not going to dictate what escorts should allow or not allow nor should guys dictate to escorts or ei what they should do. There are many other escort sites & all escorts have a right to say no to reviews. It shouldn't be made compulsory. You had a bad experience, you submitted a negative review, if she allows reviews again your review will be shown, unfortunately all you can do is put it down to experience.

    Sandy x
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    Unfortunately most girls take the easy way out and do exactly that opt out when 2 or 3 bad reviews appear instead of sticking in there and improving and doing better next time, client or escort cant get it right all the time, we are all only human.
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    Another stupid thread ....
    Who loves ya baby......!!

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    Whatever you think. I just got annoyed at how bad that escort was and that I couldn't tell people. Now I have so everything is ok.

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    It's ok dave, we all need to talk about things now and then.
    Fair play to Sandy for explaining the situation even though it been talked about before.

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    Don't review escorts on the forums if they don't allow reviews on their profile. It defeats the purpose of them opting out.

    Secondly, with the number of bad review threats and spite reviews coming in these days, I'm surprised any escort still opts in the reviews system at all.

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