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    Anyone got any thoughts on *name removed* being done? Probably thought he could get away with the trafficking when he was outside the country. Wonder how many women he was advertising on here....

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    I don't think so that you are allowed to post here someone's real name, it doesn't matter who he is or what he has done.....

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    Yes Brenda we do usually remove names in situations like this, so thanks for pointing this out. I have removed the name now.

    Situations like this - where the name that is published is one that has just been published in the newspapers - are a little grey, as it can seem harmless enough in the circumstances.

    Sometimes it may be, but in this case the man has not been to court yet and so we should not be discussing him here whilst he is still innocent. Also, I generally feel, in the case of Irish prostitution cases, even after people have been convicted, there is no need to publish their names here, because anyone can get them out the newspapers if they want them. Plus I always remove independent ladies' names when they appear in the newspaper and are then published here, so it seems fair to simply remove all.


    Pat x

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    Didn't see it in any newspapers till today, but here you are>>>

    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    Women used in brothels were foreign sex slaves

    IT is unclear how many women were rescued when gardaí raided nine brothels allegedly run by Carlow man **name** last week. What is startlingly clear, however, is that the majority of these women were being used as sex slaves. They were being raped up to 15 times a day, forced to work for 12 hours at a time and cut off from the outside world.

    **name** is charged with running a brutal business of trafficking vulnerable women into this country and then forcing them to work as prostitutes.

    Speaking about the appalling conditions these women found themselves in, Geraldine Rowley from Ruhama, an organisation working with exploited women, confirmed that they had cared for two of the girls used in **name's** brothels.

    She explained that women are usually recruited in their countries of origin by people they know.

    Geraldine went on to say that some women have absolutely no idea that they are getting involved in prostitution while others are aware, but feel they have no other option to escape poverty.

    However, she said they “have absolutely no idea of the extent to which they are getting involved and consent is irrelevant when trafficking is concerned”.

    “They have horrendous living circumstances. They live with constant threats of violence and are extremely isolated. They probably have no contact with the outside world and they just don’t know how to get out of the trap. It is a horrendous underworld of crime and they can be raped up to 15 times a day by different men.”

    Geraldine said that the women freed after last Wednesday’s raids had experienced sexual violence every day and were extremely traumatised.

    “Anyone who is involved in running the Irish sex industry is just in it for the money and the women are just commodities,” said Geraldine, who also pointed out that these brothels would not exist if there were not men in the region who are willing to purchase the women.

    Bastard!! I hope that he will get many years!

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    Surely if this website is against trafficking it should welcome the chance to highlight this guy and what he has done to women instead of trying to protect his anonymity. If he is convicted of trafficking will you let his name be mentioned here?

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