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    To my eternal shame I cant remember half the ladies I have met, but a few have made a lasting impression on me, usually the very passionate and natural encounters.

    One was so passionate, I still find myself drifting back to it.
    But it wasn't even the sex itself, it was......

    I'm fresh out of the shower and chatting happily away with the lady, and her eyes twinkle when she laughs and you can tell she is really enjoying my company, when suddenly she grabs me and gives me the most amazing deep kiss. Holding my face and her hands are wandering and holding me tightly. I pull away but she grabs me again and its like that all through the appointment, even afterwards lying and holding one another, she doesn't turn away, but keeps giving me these deep passionate kisses as no escort has ever before.
    That kiss said I want you, I desire you and so much more.
    (Yes I know she is a professional, but I have met enough ladies to know the difference and sometimes you just click and it is indeed business and pleasure, and needing and wanting)

    A simple thing, you might think, a kiss, but one that will last with me for a long long time.

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