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    Was planning to contact a certain girl in Dublin 1 at the weekend looking for an appointment. She's pretty, slim figured and offers a service that I'm keen on trying. She also had 3 reviews, 2 of which were very good.
    I've just logged in and noticed that she has now opted out of reviews and I'm wondering why she would do that? I'm also now wondering if the 3 reviews were genuine in the 1st place?
    As a newbie, I'm beginning to think I should only go for girls with at least 10 reviews, or am I being too cautious?

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    If you are a newbie - go for girls with a high number of reviews as they also tend to be good with people who are new punters. I know when I started out I am not sure I would have been great with clients who are new to escorting. Go with your gut feeling, if you would prefer to see a girl with 10+ reviews then do that.
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    Maybe her bad reviews have caught up with or even overtaken her good reviews so she's decided to take time-out for a while

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