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    Unhappy All things creepy crawly

    Funny how certain stories seem to pop up in multiples around the same time. deadly spiders

    House full of them found in Carlow!
    Experts have revealed they had to remove and destroy a number of deadly spiders from a vacant house in Carlow.
    The National Exotic Animal Sanctuary (NEAS) was contacted by a man who had bought them online and left them behind after he WTF??
    There were 100 in the house which had to be catalogued, including a number of black widow and funnel-web spiders.
    The lethal ones were killed.The NEAS is calling for new laws to crackdown on the number of dangerous creatures being bought online.
    ........................another reason not to go to Carlow

    Fancy a banana?
    Abby Woodgate in Essex had a bit of a nasty surprise when she found eggs from the 'world’s deadliest spider’ in a bunch of bananas from Tesco. And to make matters even worse, now she has no bin or hoover. At first, she though the white lump on the banana was just some mould. She poked it with a toothpick and then she saw the eggs. Dozens of them.
    Turns out they were from the Brazilian wandering spider - which holds the Guinness World Record for world's most venomous spider. Their venom can cause loss of muscle control and breathing problems, which leads to paralysis and eventual asphyxiation. Nice!
    She threw some in the bin, vacuumed up the rest that had fallen on the floor.
    She contacted Tesco who sent over pest control who took her bin and her hoover - and incinerated them.
    Tesco have offered to replace the items. That was nice of them!

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    What about that story in Northern Ireland where neighbours are fighting over cock.

    The cock in question belongs to a Mr Dowds.

    Tracy Gordon doesn't like his cock and wants him to put it away,
    Mr Dowd's hobby is showing his cock to all who wish and do not wish to see it.
    Tracy Gordon says his cock can rise and annoy her at any time, sometimes as early as 3.30am.

    She's now taking Mr Dowds to court about his cock.

    Strange story.

    I just hope Mr Dowds doesn't end up losing his cock
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    Quote Originally Posted by Best Before View Post
    lol )

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    They're just misunderstood!

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    This is definitely not good for Kilkenny Carlow tourism prospects

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