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Thread: The old Indian Lenend ..... Joke :)

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    Talking The old Indian Lenend ..... Joke :)

    At an Modern day National Indian Reserve an resident old Indian Chief was telling young teens attending High School whom came there for a 2 week School Holiday break had gathered around the Camp Fire to hear old stories of the “Old Days” been told by this old Chief, so he told them the legend of “1 Stone”, the Teens sat & listened eagerly, the Chief started off the story by telling them ... “Our village once had a young warrior called “1 stone” but he hated this name & beat the crap out of anyone who called this & people then all called him “Angry Bear” so he liked this name but no one still dared to call him “1 Stones” to his face, then one day this Young attractive Squa from a different Village saw him & said & meaning no offence at all ... Hi “1 Stone” remember me I’m “Running Water” ... absolutely furious he grabbed her by the hair threw her on his horse & rode off into the Hill forest for 2 days & nights where he made mad passionate love to her until poor “Running Water” died from exhaustion from too much sex ... when “1Stone” returned alone no one ever dared to make this mistake again .... until a few days later her Sister “Sun Shine” arrived in the village looking for her missing sister & then see “Angry Bear” walks up to him & in pure innocence says “Hi 1 Stone” have U seen my Sister “Running Water” enraged “1 Stone/Angry Bear” grabs her by the hair throws her on his horse & rides off into the forest hills; the Villagers said that’s the last of her, however after 5 days & nights of “1 Stone” making mad passionate love to “Sun Shine” comes back only “Sun Shine” is riding the horse & “1 Stone” is exhausted himself & lying across his horse, the Villagers are astounded that she is still alive & “1 Stone” is nearly dead from exhaustion” (End of Story) ..... The modern day Teen around the Campfire are amazed & say to the Old Chief .. “Is that it ? but there must be an ending of some kind what happened” ? .... The Old Chief said “One the moral of the story the people & “1 Stone” was learned beyond any doubt that day” .... The Teens said “well tell us what was it” ??? The Old Chief said “Moral of the Story learned by “Angry Bear” & all Villagers was ........ U CAN’T KILL 2 BIRDS WITH “1 STONE” ....

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    A young Native American asked a Tribal Elder if he had the job of naming all the newborns in the village. The Tribal Elder said he had.
    The young Native American then asked how he choose the names.
    The Tribal Elder said he walked around the village and the surrounding area and named the child after the first animal he saw. For example, Running Deer or Sitting Bull.
    The Tribal Elder then asked the young Native American, “ Why, Two Dogs Copulating, are you so curious?

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