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Thread: Just what the Dr. Ordered .... Joke :)

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    Talking Just what the Dr. Ordered .... Joke :)

    In a Native American Indian Reserve in Wyoming USA there lived a Dr. whom was the GP to the local town & the Reserve, when one late night the Dr. got a knock at the door when he opened it he saw the Squa of the Indian Chief the trouble was she had very very little English so it was extremely difficult for her to explain her husband’s ailment to him ... he had a very very bad case of constipation ... so the only way she could tell the Dr. was to say “Big Chief No Fart” the Dr. been aware of the language difficulties understood what she meant so he said to her “Ooo my dear take these red pills & get the Chief to take one a day then come back next day & tell me how he is” so off she goes but comes back the next day to tell the Dr. “ Big Chief No Fart” .. So he says “ok ill increase these tabs to 2 per day & then come back & tell me how he is then” ... she comes back & says “Big Chief No Fart” .... the Doc. Says “Oooo my God well ill give U these 2 blue tablets BUT ONLY 1 PER DAY as these are very strong & come back & tell me the result, but remember ONLY ONE per day” the Squa get home tell the Chief the doctor’s orders but the Big Chief so depressed he says (in his own tongue) “to hell with it is all or nothing” & takes the 2 together ..... the Dr. is now convinced he has cured the Chief as he has not seen the Squa for 3 days until that morning he gets banging & scratching on the door he runs to open it & to his horror the Squa is lying there clothes tore, battered & bruised the Dr. say “Good God woman what happened” she said “Chief take 2 at same time” the Dr. said “OMG what happened” ??? She said in a loud voice “BIG FART NO CHIEF” ....

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