Paddy was travelling home from the Pub this night on the bicycle been the old big vintage black bike commonly known as the “High Nelly”, on the way he see this Randy Hot Blond Bomb Shell thumbing a lift up ahead & was wearing nothing but a “J-String” Paddy's eyes nearly popped out of his head, & he began to drewel like a “Mad Dog” with Rabies, he stopped his bike just at her & she said to him whilst winking & smiling at him ... “Hi Handsome my name is “Trixie” what’s Ur name & any chance of giving me a ride home” Paddy said “Oooo ssshhuuuree “Trixy” hunny my pleasure & I’m Paddy” so she hoped on & sat on his cross-bar, where Paddy peddled off, after 10-20 minutes she was stunned/disappointed at Paddy not wanting, hinting or looking for anything else she said ... “Paddy look at me am I not a Hot sexy dolly & don’t U find me attractive & want to F..k me” ? Paddy said “Of course I do Trixiy” Trixy said “Well hasn’t U even noticed I’m almost naked” ... Paddy panting & drewelling said “Trixy haven’t U even noticed I have no CROSS-BAR ON THE BIKE” ... 