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    I can't understand why a lot people are giving out about the reviews.
    When they all seem happy enough to play along in a another thread.
    ( well done new photos ..... Cough, and slate other escorts for having reviews removed).
    Me for one, having giving out about reviews in the past.
    I've come to the conclusion people only give out when is suits them or agendas.

    Which in the long run doesn't help escort or punter.
    Reviews should be a tool to help punters and escorts a like.
    But I'm afraid this seems to be lost.

    Rant over.

    Oh lovely new pics ( sorry a bit confused what to call you).

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    (Moved to reviews section)

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    Oh goodie a review thread haven't had one in ages.
    Who loves ya baby......!!

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    Back in your box, it's a bit deeper that that.
    Corruption, deceit and a lot more ( maybe get a good novel out of it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalton View Post

    All other threads discussing the same subject matter where locked with Mods saying "The reviews where deleted due to exceptional circumstances"

    Yet this thread is here, open and moved by a mod manager to reviews chat for discussion.
    Yes, I was just waiting for the moment that this became a continuation thread. Thank you.

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