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Thread: Irish Construction workers talking ... Joke :)

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    Smile Irish Construction workers talking ... Joke :)

    An Irish construction worker on site with over 5,000 head of crew of construction workers from various States & Co.’s throughout the U.S & were re-building the Twin Towers a few months after 9-11 this Irish lad had been living & working there in the U.S for years & had developed a Strong U.S “accent” a U.S guy working alongside him got talking with him & said “I’m from Detroit in the state of Michigan, so where are U from” ? The Irish chap said “Ballymun” the U.S Guy said “Sssaayyy Whhaatt what State is Ballymun in Man” the Irish chap replied .. “Tell-ya the truth about the same F..king State as this place is in Man” ...

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    ... Joke

    Have to admire the warning, is this just in case people take your posts as factual events, lol good night

    Ignore my silliness went to bed too early and not used to being awake this time of the morning so writing in white is symptom - please excuse
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