A Young man & his Girlfriend were travelling home from “Kennedy Airport” USA & they had been on a 3month “Green Card Working Visa” there; & she now had a pet Skunk called “Stinky” with her & hidden as she did not want to abandon him by leaving him there in the U.S as she had practically raised him & she was now “emotionally attached”; so as they came nearer to the U.S customs line check & she was terrified he would be found & taken/destroyed so in a panic only meter’s from her turn she turned to the boyfriend & said “Johnnnnyyyy what,llll I dooo, whattt,lll I doooo” Johnny said to her “Will U calm down just quick as U can stuff him down into Ur knickers they won’t dare Frisk/Search down there” ... she said “Okkk Jjoohhnnyy buttt buttt what if it start’s to smell” Johnny said to her “Willll yaa stop panicing “Stinky” will get used to the smell after a few minutes” ..