3 Escorts were talking about the clients they had last night, the 1st said “Well I had a Fire Man” the other two said “How did U know” & she replied “well he drove up in a Fire Brigade, & came in with a O2 Tank & fire hat” the 2nd said “mine was a Jockey” the other two said “how did U know” & she said “well he was wearing Jodhpurs, Boots & had a horse whip” the final 3d girl said disgruntled “well mine was a Farmer” the other two said “Don’t tell me he had wellies on & straw in his shirt & twine holding up his trousers” they laughed, “NO NO” she said “nothing like that at all U could never tell but for this” & then the two said “WELL WELL tell us then” ? Mad as hell she said “Well first, my pussy was TO WET then it was TO DRY & then the F..ker couldn’t pay for it”  