Weeessssttt of Ireland Sheep Farmer was tending his flock near the “Koole Pensula” & this farmer loved to “Bugger” his sheep, so this day he got the “Notion” again & started out to catch one BUT he recently trained a very very good sheep dog who protected his flock with zealous so the more this Randy sheep farmer tried to get a sheep this dog would get in his way & growl & snap at him to protect the sheep after many many attempts the farmer was beginning to give up as this dog was relentless; so passing by the field a stunning gallll saw this farmer & thought he was a “Hunk” & wanted him, so she walked over to him batted the eyelids & smiling said “Hi Hunny I’m here only for U so what EVER U WANT FROM ME just tell me” wink...wink.
So the Sheep farmer looks at HER then the Sheep, then the Dog & Smiles at her with pressure coming on the “Fork of his Pants” & winks at her & says “Ooooo yes there certendaly is something U can do for me Hunnnn” ... & she says smiling “Oooo good just tell me sweetie” & he replies “Will U just grab & Hold that Dam C..t of a F..king Dog for me for just half an hour” ..  