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    5,000 WW2 prisoners in a concentration camp were lined up in front of the German Camp Commandant who read out a statement as follows “Zur azzention vplease, ze Fuehrer in Verlin has order zat half of U are vill ve sent zo Amerika & za other half of zu vill be zent zo Englaznd” amazed & not believing him the prisoners sighed & looked at him as if to say Yea Yea Wright ... so the Camp Commandant ordered a the soldiers to show them the order signed from the Fuehrer himself on seeing this & the trucks pulling up for them with no machine gunners to shoot them they began to cheer, Laugh, Sing & Hug one another, amidst all the excitement the Camp Commandant turned to his Vermacht soldier & said “Ok Hans ... get zhe chain saws”

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