Our models earn well over €50,000-€200,000 EUR part time and full time.

Each month Sexy Angels Agency-Escort Service selects a special group of women to work as models for our elite agency. We invest time and money into our staff in order to transform them from ordinary women into glamorous models. To do this we work with the best
photographers, hair stylists, make up artists, personal
trainers, nutritionists, fashion consultants, and
plastic surgeons.

Take the first step and change your life today.

In order to offer so many benefits we have to surround ourselves with the right people. We are looking for hard working serious women that want to maximize their efforts in order to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Life is short and time is something that we can never get back.

We expect a good attitude. We need someone that is dedicated to customer service. We don’t hire anyone with alcohol or drug problems. You must be punctual and reliable. We pay the highest salaries and offer the most benefits in the industry. We only want to work with the best. Our models come from all walks of life. They are:


Single Mothers


Office workers




Adventurous women

Any many others.


Remember to send us at least 5 current photos showing face and body. We want to see close ups of your face and the condition of your skin. Body photos should be in lingerie and from various angles. The photos should be amateur with a digital camera. You can do them yourself. We will use them to make an accurate assessment of your potential. We want to estimate accurately the cost to bring you up to our standards.

We receive over 100 applications every week from women all over the Europe. The information and photos sent to us will be viewed by the hiring manager and then deleted. We do not store data from our models or clients. A decision will be made within 48 hours.

Thank you and Good Luck!