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Thread: Fetishes that most people dont understand!!!!!

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    Cop Fetishes that most people dont understand!!!!!

    Thats me and quite a few others...Thats a quote from Irish Delta.

    When girlfriends and wives dont, and dont want to try and understand,,,it gets difficult

    Intelligent women who dont understand fetishes,,,and think you should just forget them.

    You have to play them out.

    Some escorts are brilliant,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and would you believe it? some dont seem to understand mens need for fetishes

    I dont understand my need,,,but needs I have............................

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    I find there is no need to understand the motivation behind the fetish unless the client wants to explain.
    The fact the client is gaining pleasure from a secret desire and giving another person the trust to enter their fetish with them I find that an immense turn on and love to go along with role play.
    As long as it is not violent, under-age or animals or vulnerable people.
    Sometimes the play can be something that is unplanned and the mood is caught and enjoyed - when that happens it is memorable.
    Some fetish play can be so very innocent, it is not all about extreme kink.
    I do think some clients are too embarrassed to ask at home for fear of being judged badly or have hinted and had a bad reaction so going to an Escort who is removed from the clients life gives the safety of distance from judgement.
    Meet me on Twitter >> so many naked bodies its unbearable no need to sign up or log in all on view xxx

    Hello x

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    Most fetishes are harmless but difficult to admit to or sustain within the context of a relationship. There's also the factor that the experience can be more fun outside of a domestic setting and even more so with a relative stranger. The element of danger involved with certain fetishes tends to disappear within an established relationship and one way to keep that thrill going is by visiting an understanding escort.
    2014 in Northern Ireland:

    Number of reported attacks on sex workers 70

    Number of sex trafficking cases ZERO

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    Whats the big deal about feet? I just dont get the feet fetish.....

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    I don't think you are meant to get it. There is an interesting little thing women in an airport lounge or a waiting room can do. Wear heels. Loosen the foot out of the heel so that the shoe is held in by retaining toes within the shoe. Cross your legs so the half-shoed foot protrudes into the common space of those waiting. Then jiggle your foot up and down. Now examine the faces of the men in the room. You will be able to identify the foot fetishists by their inability to avoid staring.

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    I had a few old girlfriends who would be totally freaked out even talking about A fetish like hard sports
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