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Thread: Its all Gooning RIGHT!

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    Default Its all Gooning RIGHT!

    Well done Gooners, i love to see Manure losing, makes the title easier for us!
    Now, you just need to beat the scousers for us as well

    Although Manure only have themselves to blame for failing to hit the target early on
    Poor, poor Manure!

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    It was a really good game. It was very open, a bit too open for the nerves. But we held out just about. It could have gone either way really, it's just Arsenal took their chances. They played really well. We all kept hearing from the media that Arsenal needed experience. All that went out the window on Saturday. The thing that was in Arsenals favour was that they played a team that wanted to play football like themselves. Which made for an open game. They find it harder against teams that defend deep. But hopefully this will give them confidence. The carling cup game should be good with the youngsters.

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