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    Exclamation Full body massage

    Relax with my topless massage +happy ending in d2.
    I make you feeling so good.Call me *phone number removed*

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    Exclamation mmmmmmmmmm..................

    rang this number and spoke to a someone - don't know if it was "rachel babe" - but as i enquired about her offer she seemed to get very aggressive on the phone.

    all i asked was where was she based and how much was the service - "this is all in the ad - why are you asking me this?" she said!!!!!!!!!

    i pointed out to her that it wasn't and she didn't even apologise for her outburst - i think i'll give this place a miss - there's plenty of other massage places that offer the same and more and are very friendly on the phone and in person!!!!!

    i think this person needs a lesson in how to answer the phone to potential customers and not make enemies at the same time!!!!!

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    Under her feet

    Default ...

    I've had similar expierience with her. When I couldn't understand on the phone where the adress was she seemed to be angry about it. I just couldnt hear her because was loud that's it. Anyway I had appointment there, but she doesnt do massages, she hires people to do this. That's the same user under different name (before her user's name was passionatalex).

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    Smile Full body

    Hi guys!
    My name is Rachel and i am blond ,slim,very pretty girl.I have work experience in massage 5 years and 2 years practice in holstic centre in Dublin.I am from Latvia and english is not my first language ,may be some times my accent you cant understand.I dont like to gave full address to my apartment,because its very easy to find and a lot f people just messer.
    I do very good massage and i got already friends from internet who back to me every week,i am not provide sex only topless and happy ending.I am working always my self and my friend alex help me some days when i am off,as well she is independent.Its 2 people who are friends and probably escorts dont know friendship and they post about us.
    Sorry for long answer and welcome for massage *phone number removed* Rachel

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    Default I've had similar ............

    I think I can understand the mentality here. This girl has had many, many timewasters & works on the assumption that when men ask a lot of questions they have the phone in one hand the old chap in the other.
    Might I suggest that you work on the presumption that every caller is innocent & genuine until proven otherwise ?

    Benefit of the doubt & all that,

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