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    Default Boston escorts

    Anyone know what the scene is like in Boston - Any agencies/parlours/advice etc. - going next week on business & never been. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Check out or I know there is an agency called miami companions that have ladies touring all over usa also boston. For first time clients there will be security measures that you will have to pass. I suggest arranging this all in advance. Enjoy Boston its a really lovly city xxxx
    Will MISS you all... For those of you that will keep in touch you know how to do this.... Take Care Kisses Alyssa Jenkins xxxx

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    Default Boston is lovely

    I fancy doing Boston myself.Its a lovely city,I have been, but only as tourist a few years ago.

    I have tried to get info on escorting there but not had any feed back even though I have ask several women who work there.

    Business must be good and that's why they are not sharing,lol.

    Sam x

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