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Thread: The Most Stupidist Accident You Have Ever Had

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    Default The Most Stupidist Accident You Have Ever Had

    I was going up the stairs to bed I had my laptop under my arm.A couple of steps from the top I slipped(I was wearing socks and the stairs is wooden).As I slipped the laptop came up and hit me in the mouth.It smashed 3 of my front teeth and left me with a 2 inch deep cut in my lower lip(the good one)Blood everywhere.I staggered into my bedroom sat on the bed and I tried to compose myself.I then got up to have a look in the mirror and access the damage I fainted at the look of me.My face was in bits.I was found a couple mins later.I spent the night in A and E and got my lip treated but to this day my lip has a blood clot and it looks as though I have just been in in a boxing match.It took me 4 days to get my teeth fixed but during that time the pain was awful because my nerves in my teeth were exposed.I now have 2 and half false teeth.The half being that one of my teeth broke in half and the dentist kept it.My nickname has always been danger so maybe it was not that stupid.But hey I still look dead sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyTell me yours
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