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Thread: Escort Advertiser Login - What's it all about?

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    Default Escort Advertiser Login - What's it all about?

    Attn: Escorts and Escort Agencies

    This message is of no relevance to escort clients, but I know you all like to read the escorts' business anyway

    From today onwards, when you go to submit an advert form to us, you will be asked to login or register as an escort advertiser.

    If you are an existing advertiser with us, we have automatically registered you.

    Your email address is your login and your password is a randomly generated password we assigned to you. You can obtain your password by clicking on the "Forgotten Password" link.

    If you are an existing customer but we do not have an email address for you, you'll need to PM myself or Sarah to advise us of you email address, or give us a call. Then one of our staff will attach your email address to your advertising account.

    The escort advertiser registration and login process is very simple.

    We decided to go with a seperate login system to these message boards because the registration system for these message boards is more difficult (you need to verify your email, enter a captcha text etc) as it needs to be to prevent message board spammers posting gazillions of penis pill messages every day, and we felt some escorts might find it a bit too much hassle. Plus, maybe not all escorts want to be registered on these message boards. Or, if as an escort advertiser you are ever banned from these message boards for being a naughty girl, we don't want that to prevent you logging into your escort advert account.

    So, what does logging in as an escort advertiser allow escorts to do?

    Right now, not much. All logged in escort advertisers can do currently is update their client details (the private phone number, email address etc we hold for them) or submit new escort advert forms.

    However, we have future plans to extend what escort advertisers can do when logged in.

    We decided we need this log-in system because we need to have a valid phone number and email address for all our advertising customers, and, to date, we haven't always had this info for all our advertisers.

    This opens the door to us being to do things in the future like automatically text or email escorts whose ads are due to expire to let them know this.

    And potentially lots more!

    For example, we've had a few problems this year with malicious people emailing us false changes for other people's escort ads. Because of this, we may in the future ask escorts to log-in and send us their changes, so we know it is really them.

    We could even allow escorts to update their profiles themselves once logged in (though the changes would have to be approved by us before going live for legal and other reasons).

    We could also store payments info in your escort account, so you can see what payments you have made to us.

    Basically, there are lots of possibilities and creating a login system is the first step towards making some of those possibilities realities.

    Feel free to also make requests if there is anything you'd like to see in your advertiser logged in area.

    Thank you

    Pat x

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    Patricia when will the system by ready so we can update our complete ad and not just only the rates and phone number but also touring dates, pictures, services, profile etc etc. Especially touring dates will be much easier to update ourselves so we dont need to go true the hassle to call and email every time we want to change tour.


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