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Thread: Excuse me Patricia….

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    Default Excuse me Patricia….

    You have done f**k all for me before when I asked twice to remove something.

    I insist you reactivate that link by Dolly as I have no problem with it whatsoever and if it was my real name my life would now already be in ruins and its being removed would be irrelevant

    So please do not feign concern for me now as you only removed it as you and I both know it was in all likely hood done by bp and both he and she have f**ked up massively.

    But will he man up and admit it or let her take the rap and have her reputation left in tatters as it now is by her naming me, will he do that I wonder. I hold no ill to Dolly in this even if she did it on her own, how many times do I have to say that all I want her to do is admit to lying.

    Please show consistency in your treatment of me and reinstate that link, I want everyone to see what Dolly was prepared to do to me when I only helped her.

    You will note that I am not asking for an apology from her even though my whole world would now be destroyed if I had told her my real name.

    Will she even do this small thing and maybe save some small bit of her credibility and rep amongst here customers and fellow Escorts and I ask how many supposed ‘psychopaths” would be this reasonable under the circumstance’s, would any of you all be so calm and conciliatory…

    Please reinstate that link, I did not request it removed.

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    QPH I do not recall your personal info being posted here before???

    Regards the link, I'm not reinstating it. It contains someone's personal info so far as I can see. If it is not yours - fine - good for you, but links to someone's personal info are not welcome here.

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    Default Patricia,

    I totally and completely respect your opinion and right to run this site as you see fit, as this is your site and no one elses. I could never grasp the concept of posting private messages on a public forum, however being told for 4 months, that someone wished them to be seen for all, and I tried to convince them it was not worth doing, and they insisted they were worth seeing, I did go ahead and post the link to the place where they could be read. While respecting your site by not posting them here, and also the wishes of the person who wanted them to be seen by all, I was remaining quite neutral as I always was on this topic. Only thing I had a problem with was that my name was on the private messages, and I am one to insist on my privacy, yet I released any ego, and decided I would rather expose my privacy, then to see one more day of the mention of some boring private messages, or threats of them being displayed.

    I appreciate you pm'ing me your concern, and listening to my concern also. This is you site, and I play by your rules. I think that all has been addressed now. QPH has finally seen the pm's exposed publicly as he wished, Others have seen that their content was not so "Damaging and dramatic" afterall. I will not take responsibility for any information that QPH decided to disclose in his writings. And as all said here is for entertainment purposes only, all content on this site, should be seen as possibly fictional with fictional characters and fictional information.

    Those who have seen and met me, have crossed over the boundary between fictional and reality. But if they havn't seen me, then I like they, am just a fictional writer also. For entertainment purposes only. Cyber Drama is fictional. Cyber Threats are fictional. I have learned that fiction shouldnt be confused with reality. From now on, I'll laugh off the cyber insults and abusive comments, after-all cyber ghosts are "for entertainment purposes only" and not for me to stop working, curl in a ball to cry about.... Are cyber ghosts cast away with a prayer? No, they are cast away with the power switch.

    Always with respect for your actions and decisions Patricia, on your own site, you have my utmost respect to run it as you wish,

    with much affection (cyber affection that is) Dolly
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    get me some popcorn

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    Default Prove me wrong now Sweetie

    Quote Originally Posted by Patricia View Post
    QPH I do not recall your personal info being posted here before???

    Regards the link, I'm not reinstating it. It contains someone's personal info so far as I can see. If it is not yours - fine - good for you, but links to someone's personal info are not welcome here.
    You said your getting tougher ,apparently not.You said that stuff like this isnt getting in the way of improvements but apparently it is.Your well capable of getting tougher when it suits you.I remember in the not too distance past you referring to a lady on here as a stupid cow.Prove me wrong,lets see you getting tougher.You can start with these two who have taking up the whole site with their childish rubbish that noone has any interest in.

    gone on way too long,

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    Thumbs up Ah, wellcome back westie!!!

    there is only one stupid cow here, with a big fat ass indeed, and we all know who that is...

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