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    Dear Patricia,
    I do not have the time to read even half of the rubbish here these days and I suspect that I am not the only one being left behind. It seems to me that a lot of the abuse and acrimony spills over from this Chatroom. I have never gone there and have no desire or interest in doing so. It would appear to me that this Chatroom exascerbates the pre-existing antagonisms between various individuals.
    Rather than banning various individuals is it possible to confine them to the Chatroom where they can abuse each other away to their hearts content? Allow Liz back to the Chatroom so she can keep them company. The rest of us can them get back to the serious business of getting on your case!!

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    dreamon offers some sort of solution.....let them have the chatroom cos in fairness this forum is getting clogged up with to much infighting and bickering. like dreamon i too have given up trying to keep up with the endless waffle that clogs up the boards.

    i fail to see what banning someone for one day will do anyway, especially as anyone can re-register under a different name in 2 seconds and be back on the forum. i think that if you're going to do something about it pat then there is no point pussy-footing around the issue. i think you need to grow a pair and sort it out and forget these meaningless gestures

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