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Thread: Will come back end of year

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    Default Will come back end of year

    Hi Guys,
    Firstly thank you all for your emails.As promised I will see all ex clients when I return to Ireland.
    I will be back in Dublin either Nov or Dec.
    Its a way off yet, but thought I would let you know.This way you dont have to waste any of your time emailing me.

    I will put advert up on this site nearer the time.That is if there's is no objection to me not having a web site.

    Well enjoy whats left of the summer.
    Bye for now

    Samantha xx

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    Cool will come back end of the year

    Oh yes. Real quality returns to our Fair City. A lady who could show one or two girls a thing or two about "customer relations".. he he

    Can I be first????????????????????

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    Default Of course you can darling

    Of course you can darling x

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    Default Trip down south ?

    Any hopes on a trip down south to cork or limerick ,samy? Ther's never ever enough mature honeyz down our way.......

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    Default Will see what I can do

    Will see what I can do darling.

    Sam x

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