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Thread: Tours - why so short???

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    Default Tours - why so short???

    Ladies, I dont get it, you seem to be constantly on the move, with hardly enough time to unpack your plastic bags filled with washing powder (Kat )

    I can understand going to somewhere like Kilarney for a few days, but many of you seem to spend just 4 days in Dublin or Cork, before trotting off again???

    And it must cost you a small fortune in travel costs

    Surely it makes more sense to spend 2 weeks in Dublin or Cork???
    As this will give more of us time-challenged folk time to meet ya!


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    I wondered about that too why don't they stay longer in the bigger cities. I understand a day or two for the small towns is enough. I suppose theres that many escorts now in the Dublin and Cork it's hard for every escort to be busy. So moving around to the smaller places with less escorts makes sense I suppose.

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