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Thread: Last Wordism ?

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    Default Last Wordism ?

    There are way too many people on these boards who can't just let it go. The sort of people who can never leave it alone until they get the last word, on all topics !
    This is the reason we have to endure these endless threads about greedy escorts, escorts charging too much, escorts including services in fees or not .................. We have an abundance of "last worders" on here & the rest of us have to live with the consequences, or not. There has been a glut of same, same been regurgitated by the same people for a while now & it's boring this punter.
    By their very nature chat forums attract opinionated & assertive sort of people who like to express themselves but the pedants twittering on of late have bored more then me I'm sure. Last wordism is an ailment I think. These people know who they are & the rest of us do too. It'll be good therapy to make your point & then let someone else make theirs & leave it there ? I can only speak for me & I am rigid with seeing the same same here constantly.

    Lighten up pedants,
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    And yet, this is about the 5th time you have felt the need to post the above statement. Sorry to be pedantic.
    I hate being bi-polar, it's brilliant.

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