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Thread: Best Price?

  1. Default Best Price?

    I'm looking for the best price you girls can offer so if you got something better than the usual 150 for a half hour and 250 for an hour then leave a reply to this post.
    cya soon.

  2. Default Do you mean if there are any rebate?

    With the economy down and not much in the pocket, i appreciate that you are the first to request some bargain. I would like to know if any girls would go for cheaper. Is that a trend that 99% of the 30 min are 150 Euros. Why we dont allow more competition, i think honestly for a normal guy 150 is too much, we are not all driving Porches... some are on bus as well. How many you guys regret your 150 after ejaculation.... and the girl very happy..

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    John. Think you should stick to the other poster that is already going on, instead of starting a new one.

    What i hope to see hear, is a small price bargain between escorts

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    I always had 120 half h and 220 one h

    Prefer to meet only irish gents,no my own natives,or any other russian country man
    Sexy Half hour with me 120
    Sexy one hour with me 220

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    Hi Adrienne,

    Maybe I will give you a call shortly.
    Are you on north side or south side? Services?

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