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Thread: warnng about 'Mistress carly'

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    Default warnng about 'Mistress carly'

    She was in galway the 17th of july operating out of the rahoon area. Its not her in the pictures needless to say and does'nt allow reviews. Should have paid heed to these facts but was thinking with the little lad. The girl in question is one of the worst i'v been with (is the worst). A sow to be exact. Has hairy calfs and a pot belly like you never seen. Absolutely attrocious. Seedy place, location, room , and a seedy piece of thrash to boot. Take no pleasure in this but i'm so pissed of at getting suckered. Be well fuckin warned. For some reason the sow is not listed today. Passes her self of as MILF french woman. Had a bad nite last nite with hookin up with an escort. Carmen turned out to be beatriz. I was'nt impressed and left ( refer to reviews of carmen and beatriz) Phoned beatriz and carmen answered the phone. Phoned mistres carly and the nighmare continued. Moral of the story is the photos haven't been ticked as genuine and if there not genuine and have opted out of reviews you better really pay heed. Mistress carly does't allow reviews and this is the only way i can review the worst escort i have ever been with. Please spread the word.

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    Default Regarding Carmen

    I was looking at your review of Carmen today and when i clicked on her profile she seemed familar so i checked my porn stash and lo and behold there she was
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    Well spotted. Friendly advise. Avoid 'mistress carly' if she's in your area. Ya would'nt touch her on your drunkest night.

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    It just proves my earlier point about pictures been verified.

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