Hello everyone...

I had to do some changes and I am now in Ireland touring untill the 11th of January 2006.

Limerick - 07/01/06

Cork - 08/01/06 - 11/01/06

Keep one eye on my website to know my current location...


or call me on 0870 543 744.

From the 14th January I'm heading back to London for some business purposes and will

be back to Ireland next summer.

If you wish, please send me an email stating your name and city where you are located so I can notice you
when I'm going to be visiting you.

My email address is: info@tvcharllote.com



"I will only reply to text messages if the person states his/her own name and location. I will also reply to regular clients."

"I do not offer half hour sections because I do not provide half service. If you wish to have a quality time, do not expect that less time would be given cheaper price."

"Some people text offering ridiculous prices because it is what they can afford. It does not work like that with me. I stablished my prices and will give discounts in exceptional circunstances only".