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Thread: Do not disturb!!!

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    Default Do not disturb!!!

    If you're walking along a hotel corridor and you pass a Do Not Disturb
    sign on a door, for God's sakes, don't knock on the door, I could be busy on the other side of it.

    Marvado's annual puntathon is now in progress. A review and financial statement will be posted on this thread next week.

    Say No To Rip-Off Ireland and F**k the Marvado Way.

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    Default Thank God for the Credit Union...

    Now it’s ALL making sense, economic downturn, the announcement today that the health service will bare the brunt of cutback’s, yeah I see it now, your actually BIFFO Cowen, and have been serupticiously stroking the Celtic tiger, siphoning off funds to finance your yearly yeehaah.

    I’d say you financial statement will be a master class of cooking the books of Gordon Ramsey proportions.

    Don’t you worry about us in the A & E,

    We’ll be on trolleys, while you’ll be on Dolly and Molly.

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