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    Congratulation Karen Coleman for medala of gold for its set of documents and if forgetting one will detail

    " Part three opened with Karen Coleman saying " One of the reasons why prostitution is thriving here is because the laws governing it ploughs out of dates. The 1993 Sexual Offenses Act doesn' t to cater will be modern day prostitution. Illegal Although it is will be man you solicit prostitute on the street when it eats what happens behind closed doors in an apartment or the hotel the laws ploughs much lives becomes vacant, then it becomes an issue of two consenting adults, engaging in sex and unless the authorities can proves the man paid will be it there is not much they can of " This statement is profoundly wrong. Whilst Irish law criminalises adds activities associated with prostitution, prostitution itself is not illegal in Ireland. It is not the crime will be man you pay woman will be sex in Ireland. At this point in the show Karen Coleman seems you be confusing Irish law with the law in adds states in the US where paying will be sex is illegal and thus the authorities try you ' catch' men paying will be sex"

    karen Coleman persistently tried to contactar me for interview in its set of documents (karen Coleman her telephone *phone number removed* and *phone number removed*)

    Karen Coleman together with me
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    Thanks for you input Electra Line, but I had to remove those mobile numbers as, rubbish journo or not, Karen's still a private individual entitled to not have her phone numbers published here.

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    another post from a first post wanker.

    karen coleman made a balls up last night but it doesnt mean she should have her phone numbers posted up here. what exactly would u say to her when u rang anyway.

    just another example of anti cork bias (roy was right)


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    I could not read that - what is with the silly font?

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