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    My last big question and one I was half afraid to ask, but feel I must as it goes to the sinister core of this Industry in its totality, Worldwide and which I stress I do not include anyone here who is engaged in a 100% mutually free encounter as if I felt you were I would not have spent so much as a Hummingbirds heartbeat lengths time here, so please believe me in that.
    But my question is what is it in the mind of a man, who is able to either knowingly or unknowingly switch off any sort of concern or moral code when with a Woman he knows is under a lesser or greater degree of duress from Criminal element’s, I ask it as the shear volume of this industry worldwide cannot possibly be catered to by truly Independent means, so I feel there must be something rotten in the core of many men in there ability to say, F**k it, I’m getting my jollies and don’t give a damn as to the implications and circumstances of the Woman herself, but can zip up, walk out and resume his everyday concerns, and leave her to her fate. I don’t understand that mindset...

    Again I don’t include anyone here as my feelings toward a 100% consensual meeting can be summed up as...

    If no-ones getting hurt.....Rock on...
    As the last six feet you travel on this Earth, will not scuff your shoes...

    Those were the reasons for my brief sojourn with you and I endeavored to repay the insight gleaned with I hope some humor returned and thank you for time taken to read, and for what its worth it’s been an ease to me to learn that a small corner of this fertile field is given over to mutual nourishment of one kind or another and not solely the preserve of Criminal element’s devoted to reaping a cash crop irrigated by the tears of others.

    I make no apology for the length of this post as it is my last and I’ve earned my right to voice it over many years and it’s incumbent on everyone to devote even a little time to dwell on these issues, and criminally negligent of Governments to not attempt to come up with some mechanism to allow normalization in this field, as it has and will always exist, and there is nothing wrong with how its conducted via this resource, and I feel if Men of influence down through the year’s where detrimentally or adversely affected by the legal limbo in effect to even a percentage of that of Women, it would have been resolved a long long time ago. The time is long overdue when society finds it no longer tolerable to ignore the Elephant in the room and for Women to soldier on under the clear and ever present dangers inherent in this area and time Society stopped the Ostrich routine of pretending it’s not really there, or not our problem, To anyone who ever had a Mother....its all our problem.

    I’ll end with a line from my Favorite Film, Forrest Gump, and who it’s been said I share some traits with...

    ‘’That’s all I have to say about that”

    Thanks also for your very kind words, but I say again, I’m merle a bucket in the rain. We all have the choice for that bucket to be either right way up and learn something or upside down and not. Anna is an example of someone open to learning. There are a few here that rather then learn something, anything, insist on kicking their leaky pales just to make some kind of noise. I would say to them that’s it’s better to remain silent and give the illusion on intelligence, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    To anyone who thinks I must be insufferable in person, pls. be aware that words have always flowed faster to pen then to mouth and am in fact fairly quite in person. Also I really don’t know how to write any different, and to be honest I don’t want to, but I do maintain, and it will be bourne out that a few big posts in a short time are the same as a lot of short posts over a long time, as most thing’s in life find equilibrium.
    But I could not do justice to the subject matter in this final post by making it any shorter then this, as it is a small memorial of sorts to someone I lost, and if it makes even one Man who may have not been overly concerned to ensure 100% certainty of freedom of choice in an encounter, give thought to it, then I may have succeeded in helping an Woman unknown where I ultimately failed in my long endeavor with a known. And that is surly worth a few words over the norm.

    Sorry for all the lol’s in posts as I never managed to get those damn smileys to work.

    Thanks also to those that said to reconsider staying, thanks honest but a non-punter hanging around for to long would get old fast, be like a Vegan lion in a pride of killers lol. What could I contribute? very little really, apart from proof reading the reviews or something lol, and where as now I only have the odd habitual moaner cribbing, I'd hate for people I like to tire of me. Plus I already did my goodbye post once already, if I don’t feck off now I’ll be like a band that are are always on there farewell tour but never f**k off. I Have to go anyway as I’m tackling the Shannon for a Month or two soon, (the River, not the Escort, my bank manager would faint at the expense of that lol...) I crave quietness as it was denied me so long and am big into canoeing and realized a few years ago that I haven’t really seen a whole lot of this beautiful Country outside of Munster, so I try and explore a river every Summer from source to sea (Bit Irish if I did it the other way around, against the flow most of the way, call it QPH on tour, not as much fun, but unlike Escorting a pain in the arse is unavoidable, lol)

    Now I suppose we better check on the kids, ssshhh, ah bless, aren’t they adorable at that age.... wonder what they’ll be like when they grow up..If they grow up....

    Pls. see Att pics,


    01 Six sylable snipers
    02 How’s the punting moratorium holding Lads ?
    03 New Escort in Town
    04 E-Georgia
    05 SHE DOES WHAT !!!
    06 ME? VAIN? NEVER
    07 Carlos, If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, what till we get to the apartment
    08 I’m Layin' me some pipe tonight
    09 [sorry Lady’s, couldn’t resist this one]
    10 [How I feel the world should be, even if just for one day]

    PS I’ve just noticed a forum devoted to knitting so I’ll just nick over there and ask a few questions, Shan’t be long...

    Sound bunch of Lass’s and Lads (I’m excluding the littleun’s, but there young, they'll learn) and very glad to have made your acquaintance...

    Bye, and take care...
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    I think what you’ve written is way too long for what’s in it…. sorry. I suggest people reading forums such as this don't have the time nor the inclination to read and ruminate over this kind of stuff. However having read most of your previous posts and by and large identifying with most of your sentiments expressed I’ve done as asked and read it in its entirety (to be honest I would otherwise have stopped reading very quickly). I’ll make the following points:

    1. I suggest you’ve done yourself a disservice by writing in the way you have. When writing you should do so with the reader in mind i.e. get points across in a clear, concise and coherent way. Otherwise it can be difficult (for me anyway) to absorb what’s being said. In work it’s necessary for me to write a bit, as it must be for most punters judging by the stats shown. Intelligence isn’t enough - it’s well known how many graduates cant put a few sentences together. You definitely have a talent for writing though, some of your stuff is very funny, but unfortunately you need to dumb down here bearing in mind this is an escort forum not a scientific journal or a thesis to be read by a professor. Condensing your thoughts into a readable form is more difficult that it seems.

    2. Re. change in legislation to protect escorts and remove criminal controls - yes I’m in favour as I suggest are most members here (disregard the grunts). Will it happen soon - don’t think so as Irish society is nowhere near ready for it. More likely that more stringent laws will be introduced if anything.

    3. Re. trafficking - any decent person is against this (and I believe the vast majority of society and members here are decent). Re. agencies it’s more complicated. I don’t use agency girls but I’ve read here posts from escorts saying agencies can be useful to them for a number of reasons. Yes this industry has an obvious murky side but it’s up to each punter to assess the situation himself - any doubts then move on. Any qualms about the girl not enjoying it are overcome (assuming of course she’s making the choice herself) by her being paid very well. Most people don’t enjoy many aspects of their jobs, even hate them, and in a lot of instances get paid f*ck all for it too.

    4. As you’ve stated where there’s consensus then it’s good luck, enjoy, let us know how you got on etc…seeing the professional (pro is a good abbreviation all right) should make it more enjoyable. The rights and wrongs dilemma in the secret punting life vs. the normal public life must be weighed up by each individual.

    5. Share your opinions about the knockers and begrudgers but unfortunately free speech requires they have their say too. Internet bullying goes on…treat them with the disdain they deserve.

    6. Escort private forum is indeed useful…this I feel this is stating the obvious.

    7. Punters are entitled to whinge about prices as is any consumer…this is the place to do it not Joe Duffy (even though I’d find the subject interesting I still couldnt listen to him for more than 10 seconds). The thing with prices has been detailed previously by others better than I could here but there’s a general feeling of being ripped off in this country. And I’m comparing Ireland against western Europe.

    8. You havent clarified why you decline to indulge in a consensual escort relationship. You hint at a previous bad experience but I assume want to keep that to yourself - I’d be interested though so PM me if you want.

    9. Finally like the captions at the bottom…though seen a few before.

    Think again QPH - would like to read more of your stuff but my limit would be 300 not Pat's 3000 words (acknowledge Ive probably exceeded 300 but I’ve given you a response because you asked for one, and as no-one else did yet and I thought you deserved one for your previous posts if nothing else).

    Best Regards

    Not quite your no. 1 fan but still a fan nevertheless


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