It was said here that words written here mean nothing and can do nothing, I beg to differ, as word’s I’ve read here have changed my mind, and if a referendum was held tomorrow, I’d vote for whatever changes in the law were required to facilitate Women’s safety in this domain, so by definition, words here have changed something, I’ll expand on that in the paragraph below.

(And another example is onel03 suggestion I quoted on Point 3)

My Core point is this,... and main reason for my inquiries and time here...

I quietly and plaintively would ask those that took a little issue with me, and who only are concerned with the baser things in the Forum or maybe in life, (which is your right) to forgive my intrusion, but would ask to maybe contribute something of depth even once in a very long while in order to help protect and nourish a flower that may just (unbeknownst to you, but noticed by me) bear a scent that finds favor in the nose of society at large, and in displaying thought in your discourse, and in giving credence to the term Forum (which I’ve seen done in the thread, trafficking report 2008) might help to contribute in a small way to an acceptance in the wider community that steps need to be taken to improve the legal and by proxy other conditions of those I know you cherish. That would in turn starve the oxygen of the status quo that Criminal elements depend on to maintain the control that they currently enjoy, and others endure. Many Women with no voice would thank you if that day ever came, and I would also. That might be all a tall order, but my point is words can be powerful, (especially so in this era as never before) and if their logic is unassailable will usually resonate, stay in peoples minds, and maybe even contribute to a catalyst for change. I say this, and know this to be true as the entire modern civil rights movement in America started with just one Girl on a bus simply uttering the word ‘’No’’. That one syllable shook the World, for the better, and is what started the ball rolling that may result in the Election of an African American/Irish President, (Obama being the ultimate Embodiment of both Rosa Parks brave and logical stand and Multi-culturism at its finest) so there is a precedent. E-I staff and Alexi/Paws put a Human face and intelligent thought on this facet of Society for me and I am immensely impressed by all three, (not easily done) and if it changed my mind, why would it not change many, and the E-I Forum could be the unknowing precedent that someday leads to an equally hitherto unthinkable conclusion in this arena and in this duristiction. It’s worth contemplating if nothing else. If Rosa Parks had not spoken that one word, (to which the then mainstream US society felt she had no right to utter) how would the World look now?

Now I’m not saying that anything of that magnitude is plausible here, that event was a convergence of History and hope, and I am more then aware why E-I is in existence, and why people are here, I’m just saying to be cognoscent of the potential of your words and not try to impose a limit to the scope, or depth of this forum, you do yourself a disservice otherwise, and possibly others. (As when you did put your words out there in the trafficking thread, it lead straight away to a potentially very valuable idea from onel03), The Pen is mightier then the sword because the reason for war’s come and go, but reason itself is eternal.

I don’t begrudge anyone’s flippancy in regard to life, it’s just that matters such as these were trust upon me as myriad masses before and since. I just wanted to take a never again available opportunity to ease and guarantee in my mind that the concept that a Woman could indeed safely Sail her own Sea in this turbulent and at times violent of water’s without the unwanted hand of man on the tiller determining which tack she took was true. And if I can take that analogy to breaking point, I pray that the 10 mile exclusion zone that exists in current laws, and which can only serve to drive people into more dangerous currents are relaxed/amended so as to allow all to operate closer to shore and in safe harbors, immune to piracy. I thank E-I and Alexi/Bigpaws for convincing me that it’s the case for some if not sadly for all, even though they were not aware they were doing so by way of the manner in which they conduct themselves.

That is the [condensed] total reasoning of my unvolunteered for journey though matters pertaining to Women’s rights, Equality, and plain common sense...

On the flip side, words can also be harmful and knowingly or unknowingly chip away at someone, I also know this to be true, I saw it developed to near art form, so any comments to me from the non-runners here who I would call the six syllable snipers have about as much impact on me as that of a Bee’s bollix on a Bison, none whatsoever.

I would also ask the mighty mouths of mediocrity to not keep on at Anna for her valiant and successful learning of Languages without any tuition or courses, she is an example to us all, it is far easier to knock, then to build and anyone who keeps going on about it is in my view a bully, as by definition a bully instinctively homes in on either a perceived, imagined or in this case made up weakness, and some people are hiding behind the cloak of the almighty right to post anything, in there bid to do exactly the same as your bog standard schoolyard variety.There is no difference between a Child bully or a grown bully except for the patheticness of the later.

If I can pay Anna the compliment I should have earlier it would be that if Faberge himself caught glimpse of her, he would melt his finest creations, in despair of his inability to match her Elegance. (I know your not Russian Anna but I feel you will know who Faberge was, and what he made) or as the Irish might put it, Your sucking Diesel.. Which means your firing on all cylinders, upstairs and everywhere lol)

I address this short paragraph to solely and exclusively that mercifully small band of brothers here who find it impossible to show respect to a Woman. It is that I pray your pockets are short and your arms long, as if the reverse is the case, the consequences for your eyesight are terrifying, (chew on that)

On a wider Issue on respect and manner’s, I feel we as a Nation have lost much in that area over the last Decade, It saddens me nowadays when you hold a door open, and like as not you get zero thanks, not even eye contact or a nod of the head that used to be the case, and your made to feel like you’ve insulted them somehow, but have always been impressed by any East European I’ve worked with, who, even if were halfway up a Mountain in the pissing rain and we cannot communicate are still always mannerly and hold themselves with quiet pride and dignity of bearing and I’d actually prefer eight hours in the scenario just described any day, then spent a minute reading the inane mutterings of the handful of ether idiots

I hope that has thrown a spark on even the dampest of kindling,

To those who are steadfastly disinterested in the bigger picture in this Industry, (that again is your right, although it could be argued otherwise) I put it to you that an improvement in the laws as they stand would in turn you’ll find go some way to resolving your concerns on the financial costs you currently incur, so on that self interested basis alone, you would be wise to broaden your palette to encompass a larger canvas.

E-I is the best example of how well, fair, and honorable things can be co-ordinated between both aspects, and to please no-one cheapen it by insisting on dumbing things down and lessening it’s appeal to potential Independent Escorts / Clients and thus damaging the crucial and valuable conduit that E-I provides as a gentler/Humane migration route for both Party’s to find there respective pasture’s and avoid the more treacherous routes to frequently trodden (IE cutting out the middlemen AKA Pimps/trafficker’s)


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