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Thread: robbery in naas and portloise

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    Default robbery in naas and portloise

    Beware to all escorts lady and gentlemen, three men gang raiding and terrorising the escorts apartments in recent weeks in Naas and Port Laoise and Dublin. I recently met three escorts girls who told me the stories from different dates but from the same gang, they stole their money and mobile phones... Please be careful girls and men... The gang knows the escorts are fearful of the Police... They are ruthless cowardly gangs taking advantage of the hard working lady and gentlemen...

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    Sorry to hear what happened, i hope girls are OK mentally and have not been physically attacked. Thanks for letting us know again, if you do have any more info (description, phone number ) and how they proceed in could be very hepful to all of us.
    Thanks for taking the time to save in the future few more girls.

    Take care & be Safe
    Sasha Eve

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