• Promote yourself with a Blog!

    Have you ever thought about starting a blog to attract new clients?

    It's free and easy to create a blog on

    Start out with a welcome post. You should talk briefly about yourself and why you are starting your blog.

    Think about what you have to offer. Can you educate and provide advice and tips for clients? Will you give your readers a peek into your secret life as an escort? Are you going to talk about your escort work, or share you thoughts on world news?

    Come back to your blog every few days or as often as you can. Each blog post should talk in detail about one topic.

    Invite your readers to leave comments for you.

    Start out writing about topics that you think will interest clients, such as how to choose a good escort, what experiences escorts can offer, how the escort industry works etc.

    After a while you will start to see that certain topics get more comments than others. These are the types of posts that you should aim to write, because they obviously interest clients.

    Clients will soon get to know you via your blog. Blogs build trust between escorts and clients. Once a client has read your blog, he is much more likely to want to meet you in real life.

    Using a blog to promote yourself is a very effective way to stand out from the crowd.

    Your personality can win you clients!

    As with anything, there are just a few terms and conditions:

    • Escorts wishing to post in the blog section must have a an approved escort profile on this website
    • No contact details, external links to personal blogs, websites or social media should be included in the blog
    • Escorts should not use the blog section to promote other escorts, businesses or offer/request accommodation

    Thank you for reading, and have fun!
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    1. annabela's Avatar
      annabela -
      Hi everyone i am anabella, new girl in E-I, i am friendly, and i like to talk with friendly gentalmen !!!!!
    1. bollocks's Avatar
      bollocks -
      Hi, I am Bollocks, an older gent who would love to meet any lady in the Dublin area, who finds me attractive, or funny or curious. Will pay your standard rate for a 45 min visit.
      I have chosen loads of escorts, and wouldn't it be nice if it were vice vice versa.
      Confidentiality assured
    1. Jarmila's Avatar
      Jarmila -
      Hello, I'm new in dublin! :*
    1. veronica sweet's Avatar
      Escort Advertiserveronica sweet -
      hey everyone i am visit Galway this week and you can visit me ....veronica massage ...xx
    1. Aylin00's Avatar
      Aylin00 -
      Hi guys!
      Aylin here,i like to meet more lovely people and have fun! I like to spend time with people who respect themselves and know what they want!
    1. sophia8's Avatar
      Escort Advertisersophia8 -
      Hi evryone I’m Sophia I’m in Newry ...