Acting responsibly during COVID-19 - Lockdown part 2


Ireland has implemented a strict lockdown with measures put in place in the interests of public health and safety effective from midnight Wednesday 21st October 2020 and lasting for 6 weeks, being reviewed at 4 weeks. Northern Ireland implemented a circuit breaker lockdown on Friday 16th October 2020 and will last for 4 weeks.

On this occasion I hope that we are all more prepared for the position we find ourselves in and have some knowledge about what to expect over the next number of weeks. Safety should be of paramount importance and we strongly encourage everyone to follow government guidelines.

During the previous lockdown there was a lack of official sources of assistance for sex workers. Our company offered support to our customers via discounts on advertising, pausing and cancellation of tours, refunds and various other measures. We also donated over €120,000 to sex worker support organisations which was used to provide emergency funds and support those most in need. We also strongly encouraged remote working but respected each persons individual right to make their own decision.

As the government has set a clear, time-bound, plan for this lockdown we feel that we can support our advertisers in the following way. Effective 23/10/2020 and for the next 4 weeks, when we will review the measures, we will:

  • Upon request we will pause tours that are already live on the system and return credits to the customers’ account
  • Where tours have not started and a full cancellation is made, refunds can be made upon request back to the customer
  • We will be as flexible as possible with customer requests concerning the starting and stopping of tours during this period
  • We will provide the same short-term, interest-free, access to tour credits for customers who are in the most need
  • We will give more prominence to the “Virtual” location and virtual services on the homepage to encourage non-contact services during the lockdown.
  • Automatically discount by 30%, all tours purchased in the “Virtual” location to encourage non-contact services during the lockdown.

Stay Safe

The safety and wellbeing of our advertising customers, as well as their customers, is important to us and therefore at this time we would always advise you to follow government advice and guidance.

We will continue to operate a full customer service team that can be contacted if you have any questions or need any support from us over the coming weeks.

We may not be able to do everything that is asked of us, but we will certainly try our best. In the meantime, take care and be safe.

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