Escorting Industry

Ireland is a profitable and friendly country for escorts to work in.

For many years, ladies from all over the world have been travelling to Ireland to work as escorts, because of the very favourable conditions that exist for female escorts in Ireland.

Ireland was once dominated by escort agencies, but there are not so many escort agencies in Ireland now. The majority of escorts in Ireland are now independent escorts, many of them touring ladies.

Ireland is generally a very safe country, but that's not to say escorts can afford to adopt a careless attitude towards their own safety in Ireland. There are bad clients and other dangers in Ireland, just like anywhere else, so always take sensible precautions when working as an escort in Ireland, in the interest of maintaining your own safety, security and well being. Unfortunately anti-prostitution organisations have a strong influence in Ireland and this leads to some negative discrimination towards escorts.

The Republic of Ireland has seen massive economic growth in recent years. The initial boom years were 1996 - 2001 and this was when we first came to start hearing the expression 'Celtic Tiger' being used across the world to describe Ireland's phenomenal economic success. In this period disposable income soared to record levels enabling a huge rise in consumer spending. The global economic downturn of 2001 did slow things down for a couple of years, as you would expect, but, by 2003, the Irish economy was racing ahead again and economists were talking of the 'Celtic Tiger II'. All this has of course been great for the Irish escort business.

2008 did bring a global financial crisis and Ireland has not been untouched by this. However the sex industry in Ireland is as recession-proof as it gets. A recession will always leave some clients thinking more carefully about how they spend their money, and in response escorts may have to make sure their pricing is competitive, but the number of clients seeking escort services in Ireland and the number of escorts available in Ireland continues to grow!

Ten years ago the Irish escort business employed mainly Irish and UK females, but it is now very international, with ladies from lots of different countries working as escorts in Ireland, alongside Irish and UK ladies. This is a natural change that has occurred largely because of the great economic conditions in Ireland and the fact that nationals of many EU countries are now free to live and work in Ireland.

In some countries escorting been negatively impacted by an influx of foreign workers, forcing prices to drop. This hasn't happened in Ireland though, because Ireland is not flooded with cheap sex services like street prostitution, massage parlours, saunas and working flats. These types of services are rare or do not exist in Ireland at all, hence the Irish escort industry faces no real competition from these businesses.

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