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02/12/2016 at 11:30
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Pest! There's a new girl in town. I'm going to give you the low down, so Achtung bitte!

And her name is Sila...

Sometimes if you do some homework & if like me speak 'Turkish German' (very basic German) & make a call & then go with your gut feeling the planets in the heavens above all line up in a row & you find yourself having one of the most sensual, exciting, thrilling, nasty, funny & fantastic sexual experiences of your entire career! So it was 'heute' in 'Randyford' for lucky lucky lucky old me this very morning. I'm very happy & even perhaps a little honoured to be writing your first ever review for you Sila. I predict #2 to #102 are just a matter of time. I wish you were only mine. For oh, say all of time. But that delicious fantasy will be mine even after word gets around about what a supremely wonderful lover you are. And oh mein Gött you are! I haven't had so much fun with my clothes off since about 1986 (in Germany too funnily enough). Dublin 18 miraculously rolled back the decades for me today. Well Sila did. Y'see I have a special place in my heart & soul & body too for die Deutscher Mädchen. My longest & most delicious sexual addiction. Add in the fact that Sila is half Turkish too, with the looks of some dreadlocked Eastern Princess (a 'dark angel indeed!), perfect in every way physically (to my personal needs anyway) & added too that matter of fact easy going highly sexually skilled German way. Perfect! If I listed off all the boxes she ticked for me I'd run out of space here. Just to say that today SilaSila made my sexual day, month, year, decade(s) actually. Look I know sexual preference is a very subjective thing. But the reference (for what it's worth for those familiar with my over wordy ways here) I am giving to Sila this evening could not be any higher. That's the truth. For a first meeting it went far beyond my wildest expectations (& I can fantasise for Ireland on my way to visit a new girl in town that I've taken a fancy ti believe me). & wWe connected as new friends too with a lot of laugh out loud moments in between some of the most enjoyable & intense 'geil' moments I have had in years & years. I was the fortunate one to have happened upon her new profile here & take a calculated chance. Some of what happened between us today even felt like the start of a budding romance. Is that not what the very very best 'girl friend experience' should be all about? You are a diamond girl. A gorgeous girl. A funny girl. And an incredibly sensual & responsively passionate woman. We shared so much fun & pleasure today! If I don't retire again too soon from this roller coaster EI existence you will always be a girl I know I can depend on in future to have the best of best times with. Missing you already until the next time our eyes meet & I see your gorgeous face & we embrace...

Aug Wiedersehen Liebling Sila

'Yummy' xxx
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